Redeem points for rewards
Users receive points for trackable fitness actions (logging weight, walking, climbing, etc.) and for interacting with their insurer via the mobile app (connecting devices, visiting the product store, etc.).
Manage your reward center
Customize your rewards center so that you can incentivize your customers effectively. Sureify gives you the platform, the front-end interface, and all the management tools necessary to create a powerful rewards program that builds customers loyalty.
What rewards are available?
Gift Cards
Populate your rewards center with gift cards from popular retailers, service providers, and online retailers.
Allow your policyholders to redeem their points for charity donations on their behalf. Create matching programs to elevate your company image and drive customer engagement.
Increase Coverage
Increased insurance coverage is another great incentive.
Premium Discounts
Policyholders can lower their personal premiums by earning points for healthy behaviors.