About Us

Our story
Sureify Labs, Inc. was formed in 2012 to investigate business opportunities using new technology in the insurance industry. Sureify initially created a direct to consumer life insurance product that tied premiums to healthy activities. As we shared this product with insurers, they showed strong interest in a platform that could engage a customer over their lifetime. The demand grew and Sureify shifted focus to expanding and selling the “Lifetime Platform.”
Why we do it
Insurance is untapped. There’s a million innovations waiting to happen. We see the opportunity and we have the talent to contribute to the evolution into insurance 2.0
Meet the team
Dustin Yoder
Ajay Cherukuri
General Manager
Sulu Velugu
David Belgum
Ryan Swanson
Greg Yoder
Head of Insurance
Jacob Ruiz
Project Manager
Vijay Thodupunoori
Lead Developer
Mark Radanovich
Lead Designer
Lalitha Gurazada
Project Manager
Swathi Gangisetty
QA Engineer
Preethi Parapatla
Systems Admin
Satya Raj Chitrada
Android Developer
Srujana Dakoju
Android Developer
Sudheer Myneni
iOS Developer
Venkat Tammini
iOS Developer
Vijay Chirivolu
Web Developer
Priyanka Chiluveri
Web Developer
Mahesh Sajja
Web Developer
Siva Prasad Atchala
Web Developer